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In Depth: Field Production

In Depth: Field Production

Step up your field production skills by attending this five-week In Depth Class dedicated to field production setup and technique. Learn about proper lighting, incorporating multiple audio sources, setting up camera supports, and shooting new briefs and PSAs.
This class meets once/week for two hours, over five weeks.

Capacity: 8 Students | Resident Price: $25 | Non-Resident Price: $200

Residents = Auburn Hills, Berkley, Oakland Twp, Rochester, Royal Oak, Troy
Non-Residents = All other cities

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Skill & Technique

Learn the language of video, the basics of 3 point lighting, shooting field interviews, planning for multi cam event production and using location audio. You’ll also learn about alternative camera supports and produce a sample project.

Open to Full Members

You’ll learn how to set up lighting, accommodate various audio sources, and properly position cameras for event coverage. Completion allows you to rent a Canon Vixia Kit, field lighting kits, microphones and camera supports for Public Access productions (see certification & rental details below).


Completion of the In Depth Field Production class certifies you to rent all field equipment covered during class, including the Canon Vixia camera kit, for Public Access productions.

You must have an active Full Membership (Resident or Non-Resident) to reserve the Field Production Equipment.

CMNtv Field Equipment Rentals

  • Vixia Camera kit
  • Tripods, Monopods, X-Grip Camera Support
  • Microphones: Shotgun, Lavaliere, Handheld
  • Lighting: LED Sun guns, Hard Light kits, Fluorescent Soft lights

Field Equipment Rental Pricing

  • Resident Members - Free
  • Non-Resident Members - Various, please see CMNtv Pricing

Rentals are subject to existing CMNtv Equipment Rental & Reservation Policies.

For Commercial usage please see our Commercial Rentals page.

Class Outline

Week 1

  • CMNtv Policies & Class Overview
  • Modes of Production: Field Production
  • Field Equipment pt.1 - Camera, Tripod, Shotgun Mic
  • Language of Video: Shots & Sequences
  • Field Production Project: PSA

Week 2

  • Review of PSA project Footage
  • Field Equipment pt.2 - Beachtek, Handheld Mic, On-Camera Lighting
  • Shot Types & Camera Movements
  • News Brief Overview
  • Field Production Project: News Brief

Week 3

  • Review of News Brief Footage
  • Field Equipment pt.3 - Lighting, Diffusion, Lavaliere Mic
  • Basics of Three-Point Lighting
  • Documentary Interview Setup
  • Field Production Project: One-on-One Interview

Week 4

  • Review of One-on-One Interview Footage
  • Field Equipment pt.4 - Audio Adapters, Cable Protection
  • Positioning Cameras for Event Coverage
  • Connecting to Venue Audio
  • Field Production Project: Multicam Event Shoot

Week 5

  • Review of Multicam Event Footage
  • Field Equipment pt.5 - GoPro, Gels, Camera Support
  • Turning in Programming
  • Production Q&A

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