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Media Board

What is the Media Board?

The CMNtv Media Board is a Community Bulletin Board that airs on CMNtv Cable ch. 18 and appears online at Active CMNtv members may submit announcements for program promos, events, NPO info and more.

How do I submit a message to the Media Board?

To submit an announcement to the CMNtv Media Board you must have an active Media Board level or Full level membership and be logged in to your account (if you need to login, you may do so here).

Logged in members may submit announcements using the online Submit Media Board Announcement form.

When can I watch the Media Board on CMNtv?

The CMNtv Media Board airs daily on CMNtv Comcast & WOW ch.18:

8:55am-9am | 8:25pm-9pm

It also appears on CMNtv randomly throughout the day during gaps in the program schedule.

When is the Media Board updated?

The CMNtv Media Board is updated each Thursday. The deadline for weekly submissions is 9pm Wednesday. Submissions received after that deadline will not be included in the Media Board until the following Thursday.

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