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Community Media Network is one of the largest and most prestigious Public Access Television organizations in Michigan.

Since its inception in 1983, CMNtv has supported Public Access TV with free or low-cost access to television production training and cablecast for organizations, schools, agencies and individuals of all abilities on a non-discriminatory basis. We serve 11 cities in southeastern Oakland County with a subscriber base of nearly 140,000 households (see below for the list of communities we serve).

Community Media Network resources allow the public to produce public access television shows that reflect the diverse community in Oakland County and Michigan.

There are numerous ways to benefit from CMNtv:

  • LEARN HOW TO CREATE TV - through CMNtv's Production Certification Series.
  • PROMOTE YOUR NON-PROFIT - with CMNtv Reaching Out programs
    and "Media Board" announcements of your events.
  • ENRICH YOUR COMMUNITY - by playing your TV programs on CMNtv.

Whether your interests are technical or talent, camera operating or editing, all participants at CMN achieve a high level of personal satisfaction. Producing good television programs is hard work, but once you start, you're usually hooked.

Come visit our studios - we're confident you'll be impressed.


Community Media Network is our DBA (“doing business as”), but our incorporated name is Oakland County Cable Communications Corporation. Yes, that IS quite a few syllables, which is why we were more commonly known as “OC-4” from 1983 to 1999. If that sounds like we have an identity crisis, you should trace back the names of the cable franchises on which our channel is played!


Most would likely describe us as more “culture” than “corporate,” but that’s up to you to decide. Since we serve such a wide range of individuals and groups with varied interests, we can’t help but reflect just a bit of that variety ourselves. Call us techno-realists one day, artsy-retro-surrealists the next. Whatever the day, you can be sure that the staff you find at CMN is genuinely interested in your public access needs, and will go to the customary extraordinary lengths to help you meet them.


CMN is led by a volunteer Board of Directors; one person appointed by each community we serve. See our Contacts page for a list of current Board members.

Community Media Network - Public Access TV