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Program Playback allows your show to be seen on CMNtv’s Cable TV and Streaming Internet Channel. Please review the information below before submitting programming.

To air programming on CMNtv you must be a Full Member.

Submit a Show - Playback Request Form

You must submit a Playback Request Form for each program you wish to air on CMNtv.
Each episode needs a separate Playback Request Form.

You may fill out a Playback Request Form online or download and print out a form to deliver in person.

Online Playback Request Form

The online Playback Request Form will automatically fill-in your membership details to help save time. You must be logged in to CMNtv to access the Online Playback Request Form.

Download & Print Playback Request Form

You may Download and Print out the Playback Request form and deliver it with your program to CMNtv by mail or in person.


Follow these important policies to air your programming on CMNtv.

Tech Specs

Deliver your program in the correct format to ensure it works with our system.

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