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Non-Profit Services

Overview of NPO Services. Why we offer these two, tailored services. Availability. How to Sign Up. Etc.


To qualify for Non-Profit Services and pricing, you must present CMNtv with a copy of your IRS Tax Exempt ID (TEIN). Please bring it with you on your Reaching Out shoot date or fax it to us at 248.589.7779.

My NPO has greater needs

NPO Services and pricing are limited in scope to the Reaching Out Promotion and Media Board for NPOs membership listed below. If your organization has greater production needs, please see CMNtv's Commercial Services page.

Reaching Out

Reaching Out Promotion

CMNtv’s long-running interview series offers an easy, low-cost avenue for Non-Profits to reach the community.

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Reaching Out

Media Board for NPOs

Non-Profits can easily post bulletins and announcements to the community using CMNtv’s Media Board.

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