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Full Membership

Full Membership is the most common membership level for individuals.

To use CMNtv equipment and facilities, to take CMNtv Training, and to submit programs for playback on CMNtv, you must be a Full Member.

Media Board Only Membership

Media Board Only Membership allows individuals to submit announcements to CMNtv's community bulletin board.

I'm Not Sure Yet. I Just Want to Attend Orientation to Learn More Before Becoming a Full Member...

If you are not ready to register and pay for a full membership, you may register a Free Subscriber Membership. This membership level will subscribe you to our email newsletter and allow you to register for a free Orientation. Later, you can always upgrade to a Full Membership online or in person.

MEMBERSHIP LEVELS for Organizations

DIY Membership for NPOs

DIY Membership for Non-Profit Organizations allows staff of an NPO to take CMNtv Training and use CMNtv resources in the production of media about their NPO.

NPO Doing-It-Yourself Membership puts power into the hands of Non-Profit Organizations.

Media Board Only Membership for NPOs

Media Board Only Membership for NPOs allows organizations to submit announcements to CMNtv's community bulletin board.

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