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Leadership Presence Media Training

When: TBA
Cost: $350
Capacity: 12 Students
Workshop Presented by: The Improv Advantage

Leadership Presence: Media Training

We approach leadership training and coaching from a unique and often overlooked perspective that addresses how leaders “behave” rather than what they “know”. This behavioral approach helps leaders at all levels develop a “charisma” or “presence” that allows them to communicate their compelling vision and purpose.

Our primary training method is one-on-one or small group, videotaped, simulated media sessions.

Students will learn:

  • Presentation Skills
  • How to be effective on camera under any circumstance
  • How to avoid pitfalls when dealing with the media
  • Techniques to appear confident and in control on camera
  • How to write in your own voice and get your points across
  • How to think quickly on your feet and much more

Each participant receives as much videotaping and critique time as possible to effectively learn and exercise our techniques. We make the session what you want the session to be. Therefore, whatever your goals and focus are, we will meet them.

Your Instructors:

Rich Goteri

When Rich Goteri was sixteen years old, two major events changed his life. One was that he began working on Wall Street for Bear Stearns & Co. The second was that he started performing comedy at Rodney Dangerfield’s Comedy Club. By the time he was twenty eight years old he was managing three departments with hundreds of employees and performing comedy all night. It was getting difficult and a choice had to be made. Rich chose comedy.

He started performing improv and studied acting at the famed Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. He received parts on Law and Order, H.E.L.P, Pirate TV and many of the shows shooting in New York. He was even cast by Martin Scorsese in the film Goodfellas. He moved to Los Angeles where he also started working with the famed Second City Comedy Troop. In 1993 he came to Detroit to open the troop’s new theatre. He became the Artistic Director of Training, head writer and lead facilitator for corporate theatre. With Second City he traveled internationally putting together shows and workshops for such companies as, Detroit Red Wings, Ford Motor Company and The U.S. Government.

After 10 years, Second City closed in Detroit and Rich and his partner Rachel Bellack opened The Improv Advantage. Together they have facilitated many corporate workshops and presented keynote speeches for such companies as Farmer Jack International, Reuters International, Chrysler, and General Motors to name just a few.

Rich loves what he is doing because he gets to combine his first loves; business and comedy. He is a graduate of The Second City and National Lampoon Training Centers and holds a Masters Degree from Canterbury University. Rich is also the author of the book Something From Nothing. He resides in Michigan with his wife Tina and their three children.

Rachel Bellack

From sales to comedy and from theatre to corporate training, Rachel Bellack has learned a lot about people. Her job is to ask “what do you want?” and she’ll do what it takes to help you get it. Her desire to help people to discover their strengths and achieve their greatest potential is what drives her and she’s passionate about assisting others to live the life of their dreams.

Rachel has completed her coach training with iPEC Coaching and is a certified member of the International Coach Federation. In addition, she is a licensed trainer of NLP, trained by Dr. Richard Bandler, one of the founders of Neuro Linguistic Programming, often called the science of success. As a proud member of Toastmasters International, Rachel has achieved the CTM and CL designation and is a professional public speaker.

Rachel's varied experience and a desire to use her diverse skills is what brought her to coaching. On the business side she has managed a retail business and worked in territory and sales management for Fortune 500 companies in both Canada and the Unites States. Her most fulfilling role was in the area of performance development including leadership and communication training. This experience gives her an excellent understanding of the personal and professional demands and rewards of business both big and small.

On the creative side, Rachel has been working as an actor for over 20 years, training in Toronto, Chicago and Detroit. She is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory and a member of the Company at the Detroit Ensemble Theatre. She has written and performed sketch comedy with a variety of improv troupes in both Canada and the United States. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Windsor and an MBA from Canterbury College. She was an instructor at the Second City Detroit Training Center and in the performing arts department of Oakland Community College. As a coach, speaker and trainer with a performer's unique flair, she offers stimulating and entertaining workshops that apply improv methodology to “real world” sales, leadership, presentation and communication training.

This unusual mix of creativity combined with business acumen makes Rachel the coach to help you discover infinite possibilities for success in all areas of life.

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