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Town Hall: Medical Marijuana (online)

Michigan Town Hall Live
Monday, April 25, 2011 - 6-7pm
Open to the Public
CALL IN: 248.589.7778

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Join CMNtv and The Oakland Press for a conversation on the the issues facing Michigan today. Host Charlie Langton moderates a discussion on Michigan's Medical Marijuana Law.

TOPIC: Michigan Medical Marijuana Law


  • Attorney Matthew Abel
  • Attorney Michael Komorn
  • State Sen. Mike Kowall, R - White Lake
  • Oakland County Commissioner Mike Bosnic, R - Clawson
  • J. Van Dyke, National Director American Medical Marijuana Association
  • Charles Semchena, Royal Oak City Commissioner



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One Response to Town Hall: Medical Marijuana (online)

  1. EdwardGlen April 19, 2011 at 10:24 pm #

    Greetings to all,I have a few comments and questions.

    Why is there no representative from the MDCH to answer to the delays in cards being issued.That failure to issue cards in the time frame written in the law has resulted in QP/CG being arrested.

    Why hasn’t the qualifying conditions review panel been put in place?

    We have a growing crisis in this country with returning service members after multiple combat deployments suffering from all sorts of anxiety disorders and cannabis is recognized as a treatment for some of these disorders.

    Informed Michigan voters made it clear and voted yes for medical marijuana and any political, personal, or theological opinions should of been voiced before the voters spoke.

    I’m insulted when I hear politicians and law enforcement refer to MM patients as pot heads or drug dealers. Seventy five percent plus of registered patients meet the income guidelines for the reduced fee.

    We are disabled and sick, not rich and water skiing.

    There are human beings suffering and dieing and instead of receiving what they voted for something that gives us a quality of life we wouldn’t ordinarily have.

    We’re denied by a few whom we employee and arrested and jailed for following the law in most cases. Is there abuse of the MM law i don’t know, is there abuse of the prescription drug laws?

    The state is responsible for letting the card mills open and run in motels and strip malls. Those ‘clinics’ and openly violating the law by not requiring records and certifying anybody who’ll pay the money and the state does nothing.

    Its easy to kick in the door of a sick old woman…

    The certification center i used required three years of medical records and would not see me with out them. I spent thirty five minutes with a practicing Michigan Doctor, at a card mill you can be in and out in under five minutes.

    Fully enact the law as demanded by the three million Michiganders who said yes. set up the review panel and there must be participation in some manner of other patients and caregivers when changes are being discussed.

    Lets respect the voters wishes and keep all personal, political, theological, opinions and beliefs out of this debate.

    Fully enact the law as voted for and lets move forward.

    And do not use the proliferation of dispensaries as an excuse for attacking the current patient-caregiver system that is untouchable.

    If those places want to open let them go to Lansing and get in under separate legislation from the 2008 MMMA.

    But the current patient-caregiver system is off limits for any changes that would eliminate or change intent of the law as voted on.



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