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Community Soapbox

Community Soap Box

Community Soapbox is an opportunity for individuals and Non-Profit Organizations to record a short video announcement at CMNtv.
Announcements appear throughout the day on CMNtv Cable Channel 18 and on CMNtv Social Media for easy sharing.
  • CMNtv Staff handle all production. You just show up and talk.
  • Each announcement receives a maximum of 5 minutes of screen time.
  • Content must comply with CMNtv's existing Playback Policies.
  • No advertising, political ads, solicitation of funds or adult language.
  • You may display a phone number, contact info or website URL.
  • Soapbox sessions are held at CMNtv approximately once a month.
  • Register online to participate - Coming Soon.

For Individuals

Minimum Required Membership Level: Media Board Only

For Non-Profit Organizations

Minimum Required Membership Level: Media Board for NPOs

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