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Playback Policies

Playback Policies

The following information regarding Program Playback may be found in full in
CMNtv's Policies & Procedures Manual.

  • Membership Requirements
  • Playback Request Form
  • Program File Delivery
  • Delivering DVD when CMNtv is Closed
  • Submission Deadline
  • Program Types
  • Scheduling
  • View the Schedule
  • Time Slots
  • Preemption of Programming
  • Content Restrictions & Use Limitations
  • Commercial Programming
  • Call to Action
  • Use of Copyright
  • Origin of Programming
  • Political Debate Programs
  • Limits of Liability

Membership Requirements

  • A person submitting a Program for Playback must have an active Full Membership.
  • To register a Full Membership, see CMNtv's Membership Types.
  • Resident & Non-Resident Full Members may submit Programs.
  • A Member submitting a Program must be a producer of the Program.

Playback Request Form

  • Each individual Program submitted must be accompanied by a completed
    Playback Request Form.
  • Members may fill out a Playback Request Form online or in the lobby of CMNtv.

Online Playback Request Form

  • You do not have to be logged into to submit an online Playback Request Form.
  • However, if you are logged in, portions of the form will fill in automatically based on your Member Profile.

Program File Delivery

You may deliver your Program File in any of the formats below.


  • One episode per DVD.
  • DVDs may be submitted in person or mailed in.
  • DVDs must be labeled according to the DVD Labeling Guide.
  • DVDs without labels will NOT be accepted.

File from CMNtv Edit Suite

If you've edited your Program using CMNtv's Edit Suites, you may export a playback file for submission.

  • From the Final Cut Pro X share menu, choose Playback 16:9 for High Definition or Playback 4:3 for Standard Definition.
  • Save the file in your Exports > Playback folder.
  • Name your file according to the Program File Title Guide.
  • Fill out a Playback Request Form Online.
  • Staff will transfer your file from the Edit Suite to CMNtv's Playback System.

File from Your Own Edit Suite

If you've edited your Program using your own Editing Equipment at home, you may export a playback file to a thumb drive or hard drive for submission.

NOTE: CMNtv staff cannot provide technical support for outside equipment or software.

CMNtv Address

Attn: Playback
1230 Souter
Troy, MI 48083

CMNtv Hours

  • Mon-Wed: 12pm-9pm
  • Thurs-Sat: 12pm-10pm
  • Sunday: CLOSED

If you are delivering a DVD outside of business hours, you may drop it in our wall-mounted mailbox outside the 1230 entrance.

Submission Deadline

  • Programs must be submitted prior to 12pm Friday to be included in the following week's schedule.
  • Programs delivered after the schedule is posted on Fridays will NOT be scheduled until the next Friday.


  • You may resubmit any previously aired program to be rerun by completing a new Playback Request Form for each additional airing.
  • You must also resubmit the program file or DVD.
  • CMNtv does not keep an archive of submitted programs.

Program Type and Duration

Regardless of content, programming can be broken down into three types depending on its purpose and intended air time. When completing a Playback Request Form, please choose one that best fits your Program.

Program Types

SHOW: 30min-60min in duration, a Show is part of a series or is a one-time special and is intended to playback during a specific day part.

SHORT FORM: 3min-20min in duration, a Short Form is not part of a series, is intended to playback during a specific day part and is produced with a specific length in mind.

FILLER: 5sec-15min in duration, Filler is used by CMNtv staff to fill gaps in the playback schedule throughout the day. It must be suitable for ALL audiences.


  • Programs submitted during the week will be scheduled on Friday and begin playing back in the following week's schedule.
  • Programs MUST be submitted by 12pm Friday to be included in the next week's schedule.
  • While CMNtv does its best to build the schedule around Member requested air times, CMNtv cannot guarantee a particular air time.
  • New programs submitted for playback will be considered on a first come, first served basis.
    CMNtv will exercise scheduling discretion to ensure access for new channel users, single programs, series of limited duration, and special events.
  • CMNtv will be guided in its scheduling decisions to ensure that resident members and organizations within our consortium will have the highest priority in using the public access channels set aside for their benefit.

Time Slots

  • No timeslot is ever permanently assigned to a producer.
  • All timeslots are subject to change and CMNtv staff may temporarily remove a program from its scheduled timeslot in order to play another program that is time or date sensitive.
  • A channel time-slot may not be bartered or sold.
  • One producer may not transfer time slots to another producer.
  • Playback scheduling priority will be given to programs whose primary content was produced within the most recent twelve months.
  • Single and Series programs may be played up to four times per episode after which time it may be removed without notification, and the timeslot will be lost.
  • It is the producer’s responsibility to keep the rotation current.
  • CMNtv reserves the right to remove any program after one airing.
  • A producer or organization will not be granted timeslots in excess of two and one half hours weekly.

Preemption of Programming

CMNtv reserves the right to preempt programming in cases where playback of a timely program may be deemed beneficial to CMNtv viewers. Such instances will be determined by CMNtv, and every effort will be made to contact the preempted program producer in advance of such preemptions.

Content Restrictions & Use Limitations

The following restrictions apply to all public access programming.

Programs may not contain:

  • Solicitation, advertising, bartering or promotion of commercial products, services or transactions.
  • Material that is slanderous, libelous, an invasion of privacy or made unlawful.
  • Material concerning lottery information, gift enterprise, or similar scheme.
  • Unlawful use of material requiring union residual, or other payment including but not limited to talent and crew.
  • Unlawful use of material that is copyrighted or subject to ownership or royalty rights, right of publicity, or other payment.
  • Material that is indecent, described in the Mature Content Policies.

Commercial Programming

  • Commercial Programming is strictly prohibited on the public access channels.
  • Programs may not contain solicitation, advertising, bartering or promotion of commercial products, services or transactions.
  • Programs may contain commercial telephone numbers as described below under “Underwriting” or “Program Credits for Contribution of Goods and Services," but may not contain product or service “calls to action.”

CMNtv recognizes the commercial nature of non-original record and film company produced programming, including music videos and film trailers. In order to prevent the promotion of commercial products on the public access channel, programs containing more than 50% of such material are prohibited.

Calls to Action

Programs may not contain commercial Calls to Action. Announcement and Promotion of prices are not permitted. What is a Call to Action?

A commercial Call to Action is a specific, directed invitation to purchase, subscribe to, or otherwise pay or donate money for a product, event, service, cause etc. They may be spoken or appear as graphics or text within a Program.

Non-Permitted Examples:

  • "Call 555-1234 to order my new dance instruction lecture series for only $14.99!"
  • "You can buy my book on Sitting Very Still on Amazon for $3.99!"
  • "Donate money now on my website to help people find better seats in the park - visit: today!"


While specific commercial Calls to Action are not permitted, your program may instruct viewers on where to obtain more information about a topic via telephone numbers, email addresses or website URLs that do not specifically call upon the viewer to buy, purchase or donate or otherwise engage in a financial transaction.


Permitted Examples:

  • "For more information on my band, please visit"
  • "To connect please call 555-5555."
  • "Please write us with your questions at: Address."


For specific information on rules regarding URL, phone number and address usage, please see below.

Website Addresses (URLs) and Other Contact Information

  • Commercial website addresses cannot be shown for more than 30 seconds during any 30-minute segment of a program.
  • Commercial phone numbers and addresses may be displayed under the Underwriting Policy guidelines.

Program Credits for Contribution of Goods & Services


No solicitation for funds is permitted whatsoever.

Sale of Programs

If any CMNtv equipment and/or facilities are used to produce any program, that program shall not be reproduced or sold for any commercial purposes.

Use of Copyright

Access producers are responsible for securing authorization for the use of any copyrighted content they wish to incorporate in their programs, and proof of such authorization may be required by CMNtv. They must also secure signed talent releases for on-air talent when necessary.

Foreign Language Programs

Foreign language programs must be accompanied by a written or audio English transcript or translation at the time of submission for playback.

Origin of Programming

  • CMNtv accepts outside programming from program Producers only.
  • CMNtv does not accept “sponsored” programming requests where the member is not the Producer of the program.
  • Programs that are 100% locally produced have precedence in playback scheduling.

Political Debate Programs

  • All debates airing on the Public Access channel shall provide for equal opportunity for all declared candidates to participate.
  • The format of the debate shall also provide equal opportunity for all participants.
  • CMNtv shall remain neutral at all times by allowing such debates.
  • CMNtv expressly states that it does not necessarily agree or disagree with the content of such debates and a disclaimer following the end of the taped program shall state such.
  • The above does not apply to discussions regarding charter amendments, millage proposals, ballot issues, or constitutional amendments.

Webcasting of Content

CMNtv may from time to time simultaneously webcast its Public Access channel programming upon its website. Producers who submit programs for playback acknowledge and agree to this.

Limits of Liability

CMNtv is not liable for any mistakes, omissions or interruptions in the cablecast and any other means of distribution of programs, including webcast. CMNtv is also not liable if the program or material submitted is damaged, lost or stolen while in its custody except in the case of gross negligence on the part of CMNtv resulting in damage or loss of submitted media. In cases of gross negligence on the part of CMNtv, liability is limited to the cost of replacing media submitted for cablecast. CMNtv strongly suggests not submitting edit masters.

Please read carefully the Playback Request Form, including all terms and conditions before signing and submitting your program for playback.

Find Your Show

The CMNtv Program Schedule is available:

Find the Program Schedule on our WATCH page and our SCHEDULE page.

View the Program Schedule in person inside CMNtv's lobby on the bulletin board in the front lobby.

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