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Playback Policies

Playback Policies

Full information regarding Program Playback may be found in CMNtv's Policies and Procedures Manual.


  • A person submitting a program must be either a Full Member of CMNtv. For more information, see CMNtv's Membership Types.
  • Each program (or collection of programs) submitted must be accompanied by a completed Playback Request Form. This form is available in the lobby at CMNtv and online from our Documents section.
  • A person submitting a program must be a producer of the program. Currently, CMNtv does not accept "imported" or "sponsored" programming created by a party separate from the person submitting the program.
  • Programs may be submitted in person or mailed in. Online submission of programming is under development but not supported at this time.


  • Each member is allowed a maximum of 2.5 hours of air time per week.
  • Content may not be commercial, solicit funds or be obscene. Please see CMNtv's Policies and Procedures Manual for more information.
  • Programming containing "Mature" content will be scheduled during safe harbor hours (10pm or later), per FCC guidelines.
  • Although CMNtv will do its best to meet scheduling requests, ultimate scheduling decisions are at the Sole Discretion of CMNtv.

What type of Programming does CMNtv Playback?

Regardless of content, programming can be broken down into three types depending on its purpose and intended air time.

Program Types

SHOW: 30min-60min in duration, a Show is part of a series or is a one-time special and is intended to playback during a specific day part.

SHORT FORM: 3min-20min in duration, a Short Form is not part of a series, is intended to playback during a specific day part and is produced with a specific length in mind.

FILLER: 5sec-15min in duration, Filler is used by CMNtv staff to fill gaps in the playback schedule throughout the day. It must be suitable for ALL audiences.


Shows submitted for playback during the week will be scheduled on Friday and begin playing back the following week.

CMNtv Program Director Kevin Eckert assembles the coming week's Program Schedule each Friday. While Kevin does his best to build the schedule around Member requested air times, CMNtv cannot guarantee a particular air time.

Find Your Show

The CMNtv Program Schedule is available:

Find the Program Schedule on our WATCH page and our SCHEDULE page.

View the Program Schedule in person inside CMNtv's lobby on the bulletin board outside the editing suite.

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