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Rentals FAQ

Public Access Membership Rentals


  • Reservations for all facilities and equipment must be made at least 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE.
  • Reservations may be made in person or by phone, 248-589-7778.
  • Equipment may only be checked out by the member whose name appears on the reservation.
  • Equipment MUST BE CHECKED IN on or before the scheduled check-in time by the same member that checked it out.
  • Equipment rentals must be picked up 30 MINUTES BEFORE BUSINESS CLOSING; after that time, unclaimed reservations will be forfeited.
  • Equipment rentals must be returned 30 MINUTES BEFORE BUSINESS CLOSINGlate returns may result in additional fees and/or restrictions on future reservations.


  • Member will be held FINANCIALLY LIABLE for any theft, loss or damage to the equipment/facility.
  • In the event of damage or loss of equipment, CMNtv will provide member with invoice for repair/replacement of equipment/facility.
  • In such an event, member's reservation/rental privileges will be suspended until associated fees are paid in full.

Intent of Use

  • Member use of CMNtv equipment and/or facilities is for the production of Public Access programming to be transmitted via PEG access channel(s), Cable TV & Streaming.
  • All production utilizing CMNtv resources under a public access membership MUST playback on CMNtv's PEG access  channel, Cable TV & Streaming.
  • Any commercial or other uses are prohibited and shall subject the producer/user of CMNtv equipment and/or facilities to suspension or loss of access privileges.
  • CMNtv reserves the right to observe the progress of any project in production.
  • Failure to submit a program within a reasonable time may result in a suspension of facility use privileges

Commercial Rentals

  • CMNtv’s primary mission is to serve its funding communities and their residents.
  • Commercial rentals of euipment and facilities and commercial production services are offered as a supplement to our funding in furtherance of our mission of service to our communities.
  • All commercial equipment & facility rentals and commercial service requests are subject to approval by CMNtv’s Executive Director.
  • Rental and service requests may be denied for any reason if it is determined they impinge on CMNtv’s ability to serve its funding communities.
  • Funding communities and their residents are given priority usage of equipment, facilities, and services.

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