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State Level Threat to Public Access

State Level Threat to Public Access

Michigan Senate Bills 637 & 894 - SB 637 & SB 894 - will eliminate local control over Right-of-Ways, severely reduce the amount cities may charge rent to giant telecommunications for their use of public property, and destroy funding for Public, Education and Government Access and Community Media across the state.

TAKE ACTION - State Level

Take Action - Tell Gov. Snyder to Veto SB 637 & SB 894

Contact Gov. Snyder Now & tell him:

  • Veto Senate Bills 637 & 894.
  • Control of our Right-of-Ways belongs to local government, not giant corporations.
  • Do not allow telecommunications companies to steal franchise fees from our communities.
  • Do not allow our Community Media centers to be defunded; tell him how important Public Access is to you.
  • You will not tolerate your voice being silenced.

Take Action - Tell Your City Council to Say No to Lansing

Contact Your City Council Members, Mayors and City Managers and Tell them:

  • Tell them to let Lansing know your community won't accept senate bills SB 637 and SB 894.
  • Tell your council members to contact Gov. Snyder and demand he veto these bills.
  • Tell them these bills will remove funding from Public, Education & Government Media and your city's general fund.

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