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Playback Tech Specs

I finished my program outside of CMNtv using my own equipment.

I finished my programĀ using a CMNtv Edit Suite

FileĀ Tech Specs

Once post-production is complete on your program:

1) Burn it to a DVD

2) Fill out a Playback Request Form

3) Bring both to CMNtv to submit your Program for Playback.

DVD Technical Specs

  • Burn One (1) program per DVD
  • Burn your program to a DVD-R
  • Do NOT use DVD-RW, DVD+R, or any other formats
  • HEAD: Include a Maximum of one (1) second of black at the start of your program
  • TAIL: Include a Maximum of two (2) seconds of black at the end of your program
  • Do NOT include color bars and tone or slate at the head of your program
  • Include a simple, easy-to-read menu with the labeling information below


Your DVD Menu, Case/Sleeve, and Disc Art should contain the following information in clear, easy-to-read lettering:

  • Show Title
  • Episode Number
  • Episode Title
  • Total Run Time as TRT: Minutes:Seconds
    (Example: TRT: 28:30)
  • Producer Name & Phone Number
  • Air Date and/or Completion Date

Fill out a Playback Request Form for each program, matching the information above.


Deliver your Program DVD and completed Playback Request Form in person to CMNtv. Any staff member will accept your submission.

DVD Return

You may pick up your old program DVDs one week after submission. You may ask any CMNtv staff member to retrieve your old DVDs.

DVDs will remain in CMNtv's possession for six (6) months. They will then be recycled.


You may resubmit any previously aired program to be rerun by completing a new Playback Request Form for each additional airing. Please amend the DVD case and disc labeling with the new air date.

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