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Playback Tech Specs

Playback Tech Specs

CMNtv's Playback system accepts program files with these technical specifications:

  • Video: MPEG-2 Transport Stream with MPEG-2 or H.264 Video Codecs
  • Audio: MPEG-1 Layer II, AC-3, AAC or MP3 Audio Codecs

You may submit your program in one of the three formats listed below. You only need to submit using one format. You do not have to submit all three.

DVD Submission

Burning your program to a DVD at home or CMNtv will correctly format it for submission. Below are some guidelines for DVDs.

DVD Technical Specs

  • Burn One (1) program per DVD
  • Burn your program to a DVD-R
  • Do NOT use DVD-RW, DVD+R, or any other formats
  • Do NOT include a DVD Menu.
  • Label your DVD according to the DVD Labeling Guide.
  • Unlabeled DVDs will not be accepted.

File from CMNtv Edit Suite Submission

If you are editing your Program in CMNtv's Edit Suite, you can export the finished Program for Playback directly from Final Cut Pro X. The share presets in our Edit Suites will create a file with the correct specifications.

Follow these steps to export your program from Final Cut Pro X on CMNtv Edit Suites.

Program File Title Guide

Your file will NOT be accepted with an incorrect file name.

File Name Format:
(Title) (Episode Number) (Date)

File Name Example:
My Show 001 042516

File from Member Hard Drive Submission

If you are editing your Program at home...

NOTE: CMNtv staff cannot provide technical support
for outside equipment or software. The settings below are provided "as is" without
any guarantee of additional support.

Playback Export Settings for Final Cut Pro X & Apple Compressor

CMNtv HD Playback Compressor Setting

Playback Export Settings for Adobe Media Encoder

CMNtv HD Playback Compressor Setting

Playback Export Settings for Final Cut Pro 7

CMNtv HD Playback Compressor Setting

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